SDK sources


Hello there,
Just got my Muse and am impressed. The iOS “Calm” app is quite useful on it’s own, I’m looking forward to doing development, however I assumed that developer access would simply be some C++ sources to handle the BT packets and protocol. It seems instead that the approach you’ve taken is for us to receive broadcast packets via OSC.

That’s a fine idea for fooling around with this and I’ll surely play with it, but all along I was planning on doing a iPhone/Android app. Can you release sources - specifically C++ SDK sources that were presumably used to create the “muse-io” exe, that will allow us to get closer to the metal access? Without that it’ll be more of a toy - a personally useful one - than a development platform. Thanks -


EDIT: Never mind, I dug up some older posts discussing this issue. It seems that sources will be coming out by-and-by.