Separating outgoing signal from MuseLab inside LabView


I’m currently trying to build a brain computer interface using Labview and Muse2014, I used the labview osc receiver and modified it in order to receive signals from the Muse. Using MuseLab I’m currently just sending the alpha absolute signal using the address /muse/elements/alpha absolute with arguments ffff. It only displays a single number inside labview.

Does this signal count as a bundle? if so how do i separate it into its four component signals? I’ve tried addresses like /muse/elements/alpha_absolute (*), which hasn’t worked and gives an address error. In MuseLab when using the visualizer, it separates the signal into alpha_absolute (0), alpha_absolute (1), alpha_absolute (2), alpha_absolute (3), I’m sure i’m missing something obvious.

Looking at, i need to be able to specify index values, but don’t know how in LabView.


By looking for the index value I was able to solve the problem myself.

this is what my code looks like currently, with further additions to come in the future.