Simultaneous use of Calm app and MuseIO?


A friend of mine has a muse, and I’ve been thinking of ordering one of my own.

I’ve been thinking about how the muse would be most useful to me, and think that it would be very helpful to be able to export data while using the calm app to meditate.

I really want to get the realtime feedback from the app, while being able to use splunk to explore the data after the fact.

Is it possible to connection both MuseIO and the Calm android app to the muse headband at the same time, so that the data that is streamed to the Calm app is simultaneously streamed to MuseIO?


Hi amusing101,

As soon as I got my Muse 3 months ago and started training my Calm app sessions and playing with the muse-player Python scripts I had very soon the same idea … it would be great if that was possible.

But it’s not possible, because the Calm app takes its input directly from the Bluetooth connection (the serial profile), and is a all-in-one - driver and the application itself program.

For that to be possible it would be necessary for the Calm app. to have one of two alternatives (or both):

1 - an option for Calm app taking input from a network stream (in wich case you would connect Muse to the desktop, and using muse-io to broadcast the messages to two different adresses - wich is possible, using just muse-io itself or muse-io and muse-player).

2 - an option for Calm app. taking input from the tablet or smartphone bluetooth, and rebrodcast the messages to another network address (using muse-io in your desktop to get them).

HTH, Eduardo.


I am trying to set up muse-player because i want to be able to get raw data /signals out of it to pass it to MATLAB. I would be happy to use openVibe as well if there is a code, but i have failed miserably as the muse headband doesn’t seem to work properly on my macbook. It connected and paired initially with great difficulty and after that it has not been able to connect at all. When it was paired I tried to runt he muse-player command and I was not sure how to use it. AS I want to get my signal by wearing the headband and convert it to a matlab output file. Please advice at the earliest


What kind of MacBook and what OS are you running? I have a 2014 MacBook Pro Retina and it works fine. I have not updated to Yosemite, though. Be aware that once paired, you never have to go back to the Bluetooth preferences unless you specifically want to stop or start a session. I just run “muse-io” and turn on the MUSE and it connects immediately.


I am using Mac osx10.8.5 . I haven’t upgraded to yosemite. I can now get the muse player to write to a file.
I wanted a matlab file so entered muse-player -l 5001 -M c://matlab. I got a matlab file stored but when i open it in matlab , it is empty , there is nothing in there. Please help me as I want to be able collect the data from the headset when i wear it and convert to a matlab file