Sleep is active? curiosity


Hi everybody,
I bought a Muse few months ago both because I am interested in BCI and also because trying to practice meditation.

I admit that I am since quite long a begineer, I setup a practice and I don’t stick with it for long … but anyway…

I was doing a short session few days ago, lying down meditation as I usually follow a body scan.
I realized that at the end I might have been falling asleep… not really sleeping but not completely aware either.

I was surprised to notice that the “calm” part of my session were in the start, while the end part, when I was almost sleeping, was active.

Anyone had same kind of results?

I guess when I am in those status I get sort of random images, dreams, not fully dreams but similar, maybe that’s why the brain shows as active?



I think that is normal. When I use it just after getting up and I am a bit sleepy, my scores are lower, and I think the reason is that the program associates “calm” with a focused mind.


Yes, we categorize sleeping as “not meditation”, and thus you will hear wind if you start to fall asleep.