Slow Muse App on iPad Air - ios 11.1.2


I have been noticeable slow downs and occasional crashes with the headband lately. I believe the new version of ios – 11.1.2 – is responsible, but I can’t be sure. The headband also loses connection occasionnaly which never happened before. The app also crashes upon opening once in a while.

The animation of the circle during the calibration phase at the beginning of a session is jerky. The countdown during the session appears to run unevenly.

The pause button is unresponsive or takes many tries to work.

My headband is a 2F51

It seems to work fine with Muse Monitor (including OSC transmission). I have used it extensively.

I had put the headband aside for a while (a couple months). It worked fine when I started using again a couple weeks ago. The only change appears to be that ios update.



Just want to make sure that this has nothing to do with the tablets, regardless which one of the iPad models we use? Actually I think but not for sure the iOS 11.1.2 version is the cause. But it seems that it should be the one to blame. This happens on my iPhone too after the update to v11.1.2.