Software for translating data file to an editable graph

Hey everybody!
I am struggling with the use of the data file created from Muse direct. Is there a ready-made software were the graph of the different brain waves that appears in the app can be recreated, but in a static form.
Anybody can help? Thank you!!

I’m not sure about Muse Direct, but you can do this with Muse Monitor data files and the Muse Monitor online charts.

Thank you so much! I will try it out :blush:

Hi, I’m just hacking around in Excel, but I do notice that the data is more manageable if I limit recording sessions to 10-20 minutes.

Then I scrub the data using COUNT to filter out the empty rows, and AVERAGE/AVERAGEIF to create something I can plot out


Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@scraig have you seen the Excel macro on I built to do just that? :wink:

That would have saved me some time lol

Cool looking app, look forward to playing with it

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