Software programming knowledge


Before developing an application of MUSE/SDK and before any investments I want to ask;

  1. What is the degree of programming skill. Is it time consuming to learn the basic programming? For example, how difficult is it to program the functionality of alternating brainwave signals to be feed into another software program.
  2. What kind of software is used.
  3. Any additional needed skills in a specific field?

Appreciate answer from you developers.



You can see the documentation for the SDK at

It should give you an idea of the level of complexity.


Thanks Trevor - Appreciate your answer to me - I will sure go deeper in the documentation.
However, I was hoping for some opinions from other developers in their collection of practical experience.



For your first question, I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by “the functionality of alternating brainwave signals”, but as for feeding signals from muse to other applications, you can make use of muse-io to output OSC (Open Sound Control) messages to other applications which can then process those messages. You can learn more about OSC here:

To summarize OSC, it is a network communication protocol that runs on top of UDP or TCP connections which are typical protocols used on the internet for communication.

OSC implementations are listed here: which will allow you to create an application to accept OSC messages which you can then process to have applications to work with Muse.


Thank for your answer RickyD. I will go deeper into the information and hopefully understand the needed knowledge for me in my application.