[Solution] Turning the screen off while meditating with the Muse Android app



I just started using the Muse, and I have faced the same issue that apperantly lot of other people, that I can’t turn off the screen while meditating with the Muse app. This is pretty bad for the battery and also for the Amoled display so until InteraXon releases a fix for this (which looks like they are planning to do), I wanted to find a solution and this is what I came up with (for Android):

  1. Download the Proximity Service app from the Play Store
  2. Before opening up Muse, start the service by opening the app
  3. Start meditating with the Muse app
  4. Put the phone down upside down, and becuse the Proximity Service is active, the screen is going to turn off, just like when you are in a phone call
  5. When you are done, tap the notification to turn off the Proximity Service

This works really well for me, so hopefully I can help some of you out.

I am not sure if this or something similar is possible on iOS, but if someone has found a way to do it, feel free to add it to this thread.


Excellent idea! Thanks!