Some question about gamma_relative


HI :
I have a problem about gamma_relative .
I am a meditation and do exercise for many years.
when I OPEN eyes,In muselab ,my gamma_relative is 0.4-0.6
so i want to know ,what is the number about your gamma_relative? because In my opinion ,the gamma band is a key for meditation teaching.


Hi Fanhui,

I can give a brief explanation of what gamma relative is doing and how it works.

Relative powers are mapped mathematically as relative to the other power bands.
Lets assume all references to gamma, alpha, beta, theta and delta are absolute.

Therefore, gamma relatively = gamma / (gamma + alpha, + beta + theta + delta)
As such you will expect gamma relative to be lower either because gamma is low as well as if any of the other 4 (delta, theta, alpha or beta) are high.

The problem is that delta and theta are lower frequencies are will inherently be higher values because the spectrum decays approximately by 1/frequency.

If you wish to isolate gamma from the other bands you will want to either get the absolute gamma or use our gamma session score metric.

Absolute Gamma will output the raw power in dB, which will vary in range based on the user.
Gamma session score will take your personal gamma and give you a score closer to 1 depending on your own personal absolute gamma history.

I hope that helps clarify things for you.