Some question about Relative Band Powers


first forgive my poor englishi
I want to know about relative band powers information.
I KNOW [B]relative_alpha = (alpha_absolute / (alpha_absolute + beta_absolute + delta_absolute + gamma_absolute + theta_absolute))[/B]
/muse/elements/delta_relative ffff
/muse/elements/theta_relative ffff
/muse/elements/alpha_relative ffff
/muse/elements/beta_relative ffff
/muse/elements/gamma_relative ffff

but i want to know Whether or not delta=0.5 means that fifty percent of my brain waves are in the state of delta.?
thanks for your help.


please help me ,I am a teacher,not [SIZE=24px]developer!!![/SIZE]


Hi fanhui,

[B]but i want to know Whether or not delta=0.5 means that fifty percent of my brain waves are in the state of delta.?[/B]

Basically, yes. More specifically it means that delta waves account for 50% of the power contained in Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta, and Gamma combined.


Hi fanhui,

As an additional note. The Delta band is the lowest frequency band. The bands tend to reduce in a 1 divided by frequency pattern. So most users will see a relative delta band that contributes the largest portion of their relative band output.

You may find it much more meaningful to watch whether a users relative band outputs are changing rather their absolute relative score.

By this I mean, if a user has a 0.5 relative delta and then manages to get a 0.8 relative delta. They very likely had a significant increase in delta activity. It is important to note this same behaviour (0.5 to 0.8) can be a result of their other bands going down. If alpha, beta, theta and/or gamma have dropped significantly, relative delta will also increase.


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a meditation teacher and I need your help.
Based on online resources, I used to think that through long-term meditation, alpha wave will become the dominant brain wave, but my results from muselab are telling a different story that alpha wave does neither dominate in my daily life nor in my meditation process.
At the beginning stage of my meditation, the majority of my brain wave is comprised of theta wave and delta wave, which account for 50%. As the meditation process goes further, the delta wave begins to dominate while alpha wave constitutes only 10% of the whole (β 20% and γ 1%). At the moment when I wake up from meditation, gamma wave will take charge, reaching up to 50%.
During my daily life, gamma wave is dominating. I am energetic, not anxious and have well-control over my brain. I can even stabilize my brain wave and reduce the wave fluctuation with my eyes open, which can be seen from the images in muselab.
Therefore, as a meditation teacher, I’m wondering whether it is a normal situation to have gamma wave rather than alpha wave dominating my brain in daily life. Since Muse is an equipment that uses meditation to help people get a better mind, I think that you guys might be able to help me with your professional knowledge and rich experience.
Could you please answer my question or provide me with your research findings and test data to help me figure it out? Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,
Hui Fan