Status of iOS and Android SDK's?


Hi, I know previously there was a mention that these were coming in January 15, can someone update us with an expected date when these native mobile SDK’s will land as they are the primary reason we bought the device and excited to interface the Muse into our applications.

Many thanks



I’m excited about the Android / iOS SDK as well


Hi there,

The Android SDK is very nearly ready for its first release, probably in a week or two. The iOS SDK will be released some time after - it’s a little difficult to predict exactly when, but it’s a big priority for us and is next in the pipe.


Great news , Tom !! Thank you very much for the info.
waiting eagerly for it…


Hows that iOS SDK coming along Tom? Any updates on dates it might land for us. I’ve considered writing my own if it’s going to be much longer! Many thanks


Hey brightscene,

All I can say is that it will be available soon enough that you don’t need to write your own!


Ah, Sounds good! Roughly are we talking a month or more? (won’t hold you to it…)


Within a month is a pretty reasonable guess, sure. But I’m going to hold you to your offer of not holding me to that.


Hey Tom, Loving the new iOS app. Hows the iOS SDK coming along - any dates firmed up as yet? Thanks Craig


Wondering why no one from the team came here yet to tell the good news, but it´s there since yesterday night:

[h=2][LEFT]News[/LEFT][/h] [B][SIZE=3]April 28, 2015: LibMuse 1.0.0 for iOS[/SIZE][/B]
The long-awaited library for Muse iOS development is here! Download it now!


Haha, you beat me to the punch, Eduardo.

That’s right, LibMuse 1.0.0 iOS is now officially available!

Download it here:

Read the docs here:

Official forum announcement:


Don’t worry Tom, I’ll just take you to a knockout if I do not see LibMuse for Windows by the end of May :slight_smile: