Step by step guide for EEG Data visualization in Windows PC


I have already installed MUSE Direct from windows store and MUSELab (Muse Research Tools Setup Wizard). Can anyone guide me through the whole OSC streaming process and EEG Data visualization? I am not getting it :frowning:


In Muse Lab you have to individually set up visualizations for each thing you want to display.
In the drop down list, select Visualizers then New. Pick scrolling, then put checks next to which data you want to display in it. You can add multiple visualisations and customize the colors etc.

This can be a bit tedious! so instead you can just load this MuseLab config file and it will set up a bunch of visualisations for you :slight_smile:

Note that this config was designed for Muse Monitor, rather than Muse Direct, so your data paths might differ.


Yes it worked.

Can you tell me if I can get the raw data in the PC which can be further processed using MATLAB?


Yes, the OSC path is /muse/eeg
For Muse Monitor’s OSC data specs, you can find everything here: