Steps to connect MUSE using Windows OS


Trying to connect with Muse from Windows OS using SDK. I am trying to connect with UDP still throwing error like TCP connection failure, Please start listning process.
I would like to know if missed any steps to connect with. (Do i need Calm App. on Desktop?)


Calm app. is only for tablets and smartphones.

On a desktop all that is needed to start is the muse-io.exe installed with the SDK and lauched from a command prompt window.
(muse-io.exe is a must, since for the time being it’s the only way to connect your muse to the desktop)

It would help if you have posted exactly what you are typing at the command line. But to use UDP I use only this:

C:\Program Files\Muse>muse-io --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000 --dsp

(if your installation was correct, the muse directory should be in your PATH, and you can type the command from any drive or directory)

Then you can launch muse-lab (a java app that does not need Python installed), if you wish to see your brain waves.
Or (that needs Python 2.7 and the other libraries mentioned at the install instructions) to perform a lot of tasks accepting many kinds of Inputs, Outputs and some other options (like filtering data). To see all the available options just type: -h

HTH, Eduardo


Thank you very much. Now iam able to connect with muse-io using command prompt. What do i have to configure in muse-lab to see my brain waves and how can i get data messages that i used to get like when i am using my i pod.


There’s a good tutorial on Muse-Lab on this page:

… it’s a bit outdated, but the functionality has not changed too much.
Just remember (before clicking Open Port) to check mark the UDP protocol, that’s the one you have choosed, and type the port number you used with muse-io (e.g. 5000)

As far as I know, no one has developed a desktop application for Windows or any other OS, like we have Calm for Apple and Android devices.

We have to live with what we have for awhile :slight_smile:

Have fun !


Yes I am following the tutorial , what i am gettiing is looks same but still it’s not so clear for me!


Yes, I know … I’m not from the Muse Team, I’m just a newbie like you and it took me a couple of weeks to start getting things clear.
Just practice some Calm sessions, and get a lot of patience with the muse team (they take a lot of time to answer questions).

I’m planning to make a video from what I’ve learned in the next few days and post it on YouTube.

There is too much to explain with few words in a forum, and you have to consider also that English is not my language, so maybe sometimes I say/write some stupid things.

Good luck, and good muse…ing !