Suggestion for new Android app feature


I have recently bought Muse Interaxon 2 and I would like to share with you my feedback. I’ve been using it for four days so far, since receiving it.

I wonder how your algorithms work when it comes to calibration. My guess is that every time calibration data is used as if the device were used for the first time. And I think it might be useful for you to combine data from all available calibrations. I know you store session data but do you also store calibration data for each session, in case it would be useful for the future algorithms for Muse Android application?

For last three days I have done 30 minutes meditation and the results were as following: day 1: 73% calm, day 2: 69% calm, day 3: 20% calm. It makes me think that calibration gives me the level of difficulty for each session. I think I was similarly focused on all three sessions. Maybe a bit less focused during third session because hearing loud indication that I’m not focused all the time also influenced meditation - but I also think that difficulty level was set to much higher during calibration.

And now my suggestion is, why not to add new configuration option to the settings that would use all available calibration data? That could be something like number from 0 to 100 which would make session similar to the ones where calmness level was about the given number. That could be beneficial because that may give opportunity to have realistic difficulty level, not too hard and not too easy.

I’m not sure if I have explained my idea clearly enough. In case you have any questions, please answer to my post.

Of course the other possibility is that I’m mistaken about how your algorithms work :-).


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I think that you are right about the way the algoritm works.
I would like to know that too.