Supported Linux Distributions


Hi Muse Team, can you kindly list Muse SDK’s currently supported Linux distributions?



Hi there,

Definitely 32-bit Ubuntu and probably 32-bit Debian as well. We were planning on adding 64-bit support but that effort has been delayed for the time being in favour of other major updates to the SDK. We’ll let everyone know when we get a chance to do it!


Hey - any update on this? I’m using 64-bit Ubuntu, and am running into the same issue as before - i.e. running the does nothing:

I’m guessing this is due to being 64-bit, is there any recommended way to use the 32-bit instead?
Or alternatively, can libmuse be used on 64-bit for non-android development without also having musesdk also installed?



  1. We don’t have Muse SDK installer support for 64-bit linux. So yes, MuseSDK won’t work there.
  2. No, it’s not possible to use libmuse android for non-android development. libmuse - it’s basically a bluetooth library and bluetooth API are very different on different platforms.

Now, since we released libmuse for ios and android, we will focus on desktop platforms. So Windows, OS X, Linux (in this order most likely) are coming.
We also have plans to do a major update of our desktop SDK to extend its functionality and to support more platforms, but it will happen later this year.


Linux distributors required various support for hardware devices and software configuration packages.They have various edition which cost them a lot. Different version are available.Latest version are available with dealers


For those trying to use muse in a ubuntu 64 machine I did the following workaround using virtualbox:

  1. Install a virtual machine (an ubuntu 32 bits)
  2. Configure virtualbox so the guest system has access to the bluetooth (in my case the internal usb dongle of my laptop)
  3. Pair muse in the guest system.
  4. Install muse-io in the guest system
  5. start muse-io specifying an address in the host system. The host system is available at in any guest for virtualbox:
    $ muse-io --osc osc.udp://

after that I was able to launch MuseLab in the host system ( I had to tell apt to install a 32-bit version of one of the libraries, liblo probably, I don’t fully remember :()

I can elaborate any of the points if someone finds any issues


I’m using 64-bit Ubuntu as well, but things do work for me after doing

sudo apt-get install libbluetooth3:i386