Technique tip


Hi all,
Looking for some advice. On the exhale of my breath I have no problem bringing calmness, but I get distracted on the inhale. Anyone got any good techniques or advice to help me along? Thanks


Yeah. Don’t inhale.
Sorry. :slight_smile:
Try picking a spot, maybe just below the nostrils at the upper lip and watch the breath as it moves over the specific spot. Pay attention to the spot and then pick up the breath, in and out as it moves over that spot.
I hope that helps a little.


I’ll try that, thank you sky blue!


Sorry for being cheeky.
My recommendation is the basic anapanasati instruction.
Where it gets challenging is to maintain a precise focus on a very subtle sensation (the breath) and keep an awareness of the spot it is passing over.
It is easy to get lost in the subtlety of the breath and lose the spot or vice versa.
I am at it every day and slowly getting better but it is difficult.
Remaining relaxed is important and that is challenging as well.


Thank you again.
If anyone else is reading his then here is a link: