Test Data download


I am a end user of you. I tested 3 sessions with muse headband.
Because of the bad network, I use the app need to open VPN usually.

According to the documents described our test data are stored in the local and muse server.When I buy a new mobile phone, how can I download the test data of the original account to my new mobile phone?

In the app settings,the option “sync large file on WiFi only”,What does it mean?

By the way, two equipment I use are Andriod OS.

Best wishes!


Hi Harbour,

Can you clarify test data? Do you mean you used Muse Calm to do sessions? If you do Sessions on Calm, then any device you log into your account with will also grab that session data. You don’t have to do anything special, just log into the new device with the same account you used the first time.

With regards to files over WiFi only option. It’s meant to be there for your session uploading. We just give the users the option to upload their sessions only on wifi so their cell phone data plan is not used when they want to conserve data transfer over their plans.

Hope that makes sense to you.


Hi Farough,Thanks for your reply.
Yes,to do sessions.
I can log into the second hird new device with the same account I used the first time.

Now,when the network is offline:
I can log into my account and see the session data with my first phone in offline mode.the first phone is to used do session with headband;
and the the second phone also can be,
but the third phone can’t be seen the session data,with noted “This session has not yet download. connect to the internet and try again”.
the first\second phone are ok,but the third isn’t, why?


Hi Harbour,
I’m not sure I completely understand your question. However, if you mean why do I see no sessions if I log into a device without an internet connection. Then the answer is you only download the information one time per device. So if you ever connected with internet on the second device, you will always see that session on that device even in offline mode. However, that’s won’t be true for the third device because it’s never been downloaded to display it.

Note that downloading a previous session only downloads the relevant data to provide statistics about that session rather than downloading all the session files. The original session files may be large, but the statistics about that session are relatively very small.

I hope that answers your question.