TestLibMuseAndroid on Motorola DROID RAZR Android 4.1.2 Won't Work


I’m relatively new to mobile development. I was following the “Getting Started” instruction for the Muse android API. I got all the way to the final step where I’m running TestLibMuseAndroid and it seems to be running on the phone (DROID RAZR) but won’t display any data. Instead it’s just all 0’s even when the headband is properly paired to the phone and on my head… Any ideas?



Are you able to receive data if you run TestLibMuseAndroid on a different Android device? Also, how many USB ports on the headband you are using?

If you only have one USB port, then you have a Muse 2016 headband and the minimum Android OS for using the Muse 2016 headband is 4.4.0 which might be the issue.


According to research following tips may help you in preventing ANR:

  • Make Space on Your Device

  • Clear Your App Data From Time to Time

  • Don’t Use Different Network Types

  • Restart your Android device

  • Update your apps

After trying all tips if still app is unresponsive then read “FIX APP CRASHING” section in Motorola DROID RAZR Manual for help.