The 60 minutes is too short for me


Hello, I want to use my muse more than 60 minutes, what can I do, the 60 minutes is too short for me


I have sent them this e-mail through calm app send feedback link

Suggestion: Option to increase the time of the meditation session to more than 60 minutes


Part of the answer e-mail said:

“You are able to adjust the length, below the preset session lengths - there is a scrolling chart and you able to set it 1, 2 or 3 hours.”

not sure what this means exactly… I’ll ask them


I tried to use it more then 1 hour via my app - battery is not enough - 1h30min - 1h40min - then it needs to be charged.
So, it’s not “Muse” app restriction, it’s mostly device restriction.


You could have your device plugged in a charger while using it


@linky7 When plugged in the Muse goes into a charging mode where it can not connect to a device.