The Battery life is not 5 hours as the advertisement claims


On Jan. 27th 2015 before going to bed I connected Muse to charger. On the next day (28th), I woke up and saw the lights move back and forth in a wave pattern, so my Muse had been fully charged. Then the following info are the detailed record of using my Muse:

(Jan. 28) 12 minutes meditation

(Jan. 29) 12 minutes meditation
(Jan. 29) 12 minutes meditation
(Jan. 29) 12 minutes meditation

(Jan. 30) 20 minutes meditation
(Jan. 30) 20 minutes meditation

(Jan. 31) 3 minutes meditation
(Jan. 31) 7 minutes meditation
(Jan. 31) 12 minutes meditation

(Feb. 1) 12 minutes meditation

(Feb. 2) 12 minutes meditation
(Feb. 2) 12 minutes meditation

(Feb. 3) 12 minutes meditation
(Feb. 3) 7 minutes meditation

Total time for meditation: 165 minutes
Total number of sessions: 14
Remaining battery life left: 2%

(Note: I turned off Muse immediately after finishing each session, so I did not waste any battery life after each session.)

Assume that I spent 4 minutes (which are actually overestimated time ) to sync Muse and for calibration before each session, then
4 minutes times total number of sessions (14) was equal to 56 minutes, which were total battery life used before each session.

Since I had 2% battery life left, so the 98% battery life of my Muse: 165 + 56 = 221 minutes
The total battery life of my Muse: 221 / 0.98 = 225.51 minutes (about 3 hours and 45 minutes)

3 hours and 45 minutes are shorter than 5 hours as the following official website claims:


Hi Platypus,

Thank you for sharing your data and experience. Data on official website is based on multiple tests, however it is still possible for you to have different results.
First of all, using headband 5 hours successively is not the same as using it 5 hours in 5-10 days: battery itself looses life very slowly even if you are not doing anything. It is also common for devices to consume some extra power at startup and especially when establishing bluetooth connection. Muse headband is not an exception. So result will be different if you turn off then turn back on headband before every session.
Also it depends on how old is headband and how well battery was managed.
Finally it may also depend on other factors (like firmware version or battery problems).

In any case you are right, battery life depends on multiple factors and it may be less than 5 hours. Currently we are testing battery life streaming data X hours in a row using brand new headband immediately after it was built. We will pay an extra attention to these tests to provide more precise data.

Thank you.


For me it doesn’t go beyond 1 hour. Earlier single charge used to go for 2 hours.


I guess that your battery is defected.

The current battery from the same Muse band (2014 version) lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes for a single charge ( after 1.5 years of using it).


i am also unhappy with battery life

bought my muse in january 2015 and now need to charge every 4th day after using 30 minutes a day

i use an iphone for the insight meditation timer to set interval bells which i find really helpful (hint muse development team)

i then use an ipod touch for muse

keeping these 3 devices charged and ready is getting to be a real pain

my muse is now sitting on a shelf :frowning:


I have two 2014 headbands that would each last about 100 minutes on a single charge.

I’ve used two 2016 headbands, and both have lasted about four hours.


if I can send the device back to your HQ how much would it cost to replace the battery?


We are also extremely unhappy with the product. We have purchased this for my mothers birthday present. She has only turned on and tried twice and left in storage. I came back from oveseas and tested and now battery is dead. There seems to be alot of problem with battery life. Dont recommend to anyone…


I came across some blog posts that provide detailed instructions (including a video) on replacing the Muse battery. See this post in the Tech Support forum: