The explanation of /muse/elements/experimental/concentration


In the OSC paths explanation part, it is said that the value of 1 on “/muse/elements/experimental/concentration” means when your attention is directed at something very particular and with high intensity. (

However, when I observe this concentration level, I find that every time when my friend is reading an article or doing maths, this value will go down, and even keeps 0 for lots of seconds. Even though during his reading, this value may fluctuate several times, go up and down, but I can still apparently see the trend of this value goes down when my friend focuses.

And when my friend is talking to me or when he is doing nothing, this value will go up to 0.9 or even higher.

I tried this experiment on different individuals for several times, but the conclusion was the same: the value went down when they focus, and went up when they are not working.
So, I guess maybe the truth is just opposite to the explanation on your website. But I still want to make sure about it.



Hope someone can give me a quick reply.
Does 1 represent concentration or 0 represent concentration?


I am new and know little. But…

Remember the design of the Muse is to provide feedback to users learning or practicing Focused Concentration Breathing. It is designed to measure one thing only - e.g. your ability to place your focus on your breath, to keep it there and to bring it back when your mind wanders. The brain wave patterns for this exercise are quite different than your brain waves when concentrated thinking, like reading and math. In fact, the Muse is used to train your brain to NOT do that while practicing.

So try this. Start it up and close your eves - no reading, no math. With your eyes closed, focus on breath for a half-a-dozen or so breaths and then open your eves. The concentration should be 1 upon opening your eyes and go rapidly to zero - you have stopped concentrating on your breath.

Hope that helps. :wink: