The new version of Calm


Shoutout to all the people involved in Calm - you’ve managed to make an already good app just a bit better! I really like the diversification of the gaming aspect, and love the look of the lush moving rain background.

I was also happy to notice that the app now connects successfully to the server over 3G - previously I had to enable wireless network to get it to do that.

Still exploring the rainforest soundscape and how it relates to my mindstate. Somewhat interestingly (to me, anyway), it looks like the novelty of the environment reduces my Calm level - I get consistently higher scores using the beach environment. But that’s probably temporary.

Keep up the good work!


Aw, thanks, amused_to_breath! Really appreciate the feedback, we worked hard to ensure an improved experience for Musers and we’re really glad you’re enjoying it.


After the great start with the new version, since two days I suddenly cannot use Calm at all, it appears to crash and shut itself down roughly 6 seconds after I open it, and roughly 2 seconds after it indicates having established a connection to server. This first happened when the app alerted me to low battery level before starting a new session, and I agreed to cancel the session. After charging the battery, Calm now crashes each time.

I am on iPhone 5S. These crashes started when I was on iOS 8.2, and have persisted after I updated to 8.3 (12F70).

I’ve tried the following:

  • Opening Calm both with and without Bluetooth on and Muse connected.
  • Shutting down Calm in iOS list of active apps. Then restarting. (Several times)
  • Restarting the phone.
  • Updating to the latest version of iOS.
  • Since I get around 6 seconds before the crash, I have tried to switch back from Rainforest to Beach, and to toggle all other settings in the hope that this would stop the crashing behaviour, but it has not.

I’d be fine with troubleshooting here in the forum, but if you have another channel established for app support, please let me know.

I am currently at Level 5 in the app if that helps.