The possibility of two auxilary channels


Is there any “physical” possibility to connect two additional auxillary channels?
I am happy to conduct surgery on my Muse device, if there ANY possibility…


The 2014 has two AUX ports you can use.

Technically, I’m sure it’s possible with the 2016 model… If you crack open the left side chassis, there is an unpopulated Micro USB, all ready to go… but it’s also missing a bunch of unlabelled passives, and there’s no support in the SDK for the left AUX, so you’d likely have to write your own firmware + SDK to get the data out.


Thank you for quick response.

Then, dear Muse People,
will MU02 will broadcast the signal connected to 2nd AUX channel? or As Enigma644 mentioned, I have to modify the firmware?
Also, how the MU01 communicates with two AUX? same microusb connection?