Third party muse apps?


Has anyone made any 3rd party apps compatible with muse headband?


There are some third party applications that are compatible with the Muse headband featured on


thank you for your response, is there more planned apps coming soon?


I can’t comment on any applications that may or may not be in development, but we have seen new applications released in the past few months.


Are there any Third Party apps available? I tried connecting my Muse to Laptop using Bluetooth and then using Muse-io --device name and i was unable to connect. Help needed to get connection established.

The link being given also is not available now. We are getting Page not found.


My app Muse Monitor is designed to give you access to all the Muse data for research purposes. It can be used to record data directly on your Android or Apple phone and also has an OSC streaming option which compatible with Muse Lab, if you want to send data directly to your laptop.


I had success connecting to the muse 2016 headband with muse-lsl. Look for the file.

It’s a bit of a dependency hell to get it running and I don’t think it will work on Windows or Mac, but it can connect to the device, stream to your computer and even record to a CSV file.


I’m the Community Relations Manager at Uppercut, a digital health development studio! We launched a third party Muse app, called WAVE, that allows you to visualize your brain signals, easily record your sessions, AND quickly scrub to any point in the session when playing it back. We’re available at a small cost in the App Store at

We’d love feedback!


Can I do correlation analysis (connectivity) full matrix all electrodes with all electrodes


Muse Monitor gives you all the raw data from each electrode, as well as the Aux on the Mu-02 (if you have an aux electrode). If it would help, I have a sample CSV from Muse Monitor here.


It would be wonderful if an android version got release ! I use android !
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Do you know if for the Mu-01 it gives the raw data for both aux electrodes?


Muse Monitor only supports Aux data for the Mu-02. You can get 500Hz dual AUX on the MU-01 if you use the old version of Muse-IO for the PC.


is your app displayingthe activity of the corpus callosum?
are muse2 sensors able to see how in synch the both brain hemispheres are? is there an additional app which is measuring this or analyzing this activity? (if this is possible at all :upside_down_face:)


I don’t know about “corpus callosum” as the Muse sensors are on the ears and forehead.
Regarding left vs right, Muse Monitor has settings to show each brainwave as an average of the four sensors, each individually, or to split it into left/right or front/back. Additionally, when your view your recordings online in the Muse Monitor Online Charts, there is a graph at the bottom that will show left/right split for the recorded session.


The “third party apps” link is currently unavailable due to an error: “Error establishing a database connection”


thank you :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


If anyone needs a way to receive muse data in a managed .NET(C#) Application,
I’ve created an open source library & Nuget package which simplifies the communication with the muse.

I hope it will be of any use for some of you, and I would love fellow contributers!