This is a new topic, from a newbie to this field, so I'm a little nervous already!



I;m unsure if I should post this in the developer forum, maybe I actually should, as that it is my goal, But I am a newbie, & I truly mean that! When it comes to developing programs, apps, this is really new, & quite unbelievably exciting & interesting stuff to me. I wanted to come hereafter reading through for awhile, wanted to introduce myself, & I’m hoping to meet some kindred peeps out there who might be interested in what I want to do, & vice versa (but not if you don’t want to share, that’s something I understand.) The app that I want to create, I think is being used in some ways by some offices, centers, & even in the army for ptsd.
These kinds of software, apps, or games, programs, are all very out of my league wallet-wise, just absolutely exorbitant, & I;m very big on recycling products too, so often I would look for something like this that was being sold used, But I have found little in any way for what I am hoping for, which I;ll finally talk about now. I have no big dreams of selling it, making a mean trumpload of money or anything. Not that we don’t need money. Of course it is in this economy, so we have to keep everything tight, so that’s why I can’t afford buying any pre-made software for my goals, Because much of the goals that I want to work on with the muse is about teaching self-regulation, & emotional outlets, life-affirming, hopeful ways of perceiving events, & then learning new, & much healthier ways of coping, expressing, communicating, Because I suffer from depression, & know the toll it takes on one;s life, as well as your loved ones, (it’s so hard, I have kids, I hate having them see me deal with things in less than functional ways at times, when things are building up around us, just making me feel like I can’t make it. My kids are THE most important thing to me, & after trying so much throughout the counseling, therapy field (of which I work in!( there are many helpful techniques, CBT, hypnotherapy/guided imagery, & I think virtual reality will have tremendous effects on things such as stress, relaxation & more. I have so little time to do any kind of self-care, that working endlessly on CBT, talk therapy, medication, they’ve been as helpful as they can be, but I’ve now researched my bum off trying to find more, something that may have faster effects, & may genuinely instill resilience, healthier coping mechanisms, & then a more optimistic viewpoint of life. When I briefly had a beautiful, strange (in how fast it entered, but then left my life) glimpse of what my husband says, seemed like I was stepping into the shoes of a tibetan monk. I was in the most divine centered loving way of looking t the world. I don’t know exactly, stars were aligned, yadayada. But there were some great "coincidental: flow-ish kind of events, where I started to see something more to our world, & that if I just adjusted my perception a little to the left, like with an optometrist or something, then, Aha! “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!!!” Sadly too tenuous a grasp I did hold, & several events under misaligned stars, sadly, so sadly, I lost my view of a beautiful people, a world of enlightenment, & smiles on everything just drained away. (Oh, in case the way I explained that maybe over wordy description may cause you to think, crack pot, or fif they just legalize pot, or simply, is she bipolar? No, no, & no, The less interesting explanation is that my undergraduate degree was in creative writing, when I’m passionate about something, if it’s pen to paper time, well, you may understand - all too well now, like my husband, who learned how to tune me out after the first week of marriage!!!)
Sorry for all the ramblings, I’ve just recently went through a family personal crisis, that lasted overabout a week & a half, I am the most sleep deprived I have ever been, & I’m trying to finally de-stress, but turns out its election day(do I have to pack up my little ones tomorrow, & move to canada???)))
So hopefully you’ll skim if you are still with me, & may be interested with the app in any way!!! Okay, so here’s the main thing I wanted to originally do. I wanted to use it for things such as games that I have seen used for kids with ADHD, & for stress, to need to be calm & relaxed enough to progress in a game. I’ve seen others hat have to do with movies, which I’m not entirely sure I understand that one though, I think somehow blinking, facial cues, reading emotions might have changed the mocie story’s outcome. That one’s beyoind me, I dont’ doubt, as cool as it sounds.
But the videogames that won’t move forward until you are in a certain brain wave state, that looks like that may be used much more often. There are also things for vets with PTSD,this software also can be used for deoresion, anxiety, ADD, ADHD. It measures your different brain waves at different times, doing different exercises, & then say, if you were depressed & had many readings showing an excess of theta or delta in one of the frontal loba areas, After many readings, after many exercises, they then used different tones (not exactly binaural, I don’t think, but something I think along those lines. So if a beta frequency was used for te right duration in the corresponding ear for that lobe, there was benefit seen in using these kinds of things for depression, anxiety, ADHD, as well as even in autoimmune disorders, who may suffer from an irregulqrity in their CNS function. Many a reason can upset one’s homeostasis, but for some it can be quite knocked out of alignment, & using different brainwave entrainment for the areas that are made clear they are in dysfunction, such as non-restorative sleep, never reaching those theta or delta levels during the 90 minute cycle, meaning that the dleep, no matter how long, still leaves a person feeling as though they barely slept. Cascading events begin physically as the body reacts to not going into that needed restorative state, & many other physical ailments may appear. It may sound all over the board, & I know I have to narrow it down, & will do. I have a countless array of research articles already, & have McLean hospital;s library & research for anything else that is needed. I wholeheartedly believe in the muse being an optimally funcionting, with a great, axsolutely fantastic team behind it, so I am so happy I chose their device!!! Now I have loads of research, the muse in hand, donloaded many items from muse’s developer site, & going to try to get started on this. But I hoped that there may be some people out there who would also find benefit in these kinds of programs being out there for your self, or loved ones, to use, & to hopefully successfully treat faster than any other therapeutic tool that I have used for myself or my patients. I hope so much that, as all these great people are saying on open developer sites & forums, to ensure that it is affordable for everyone to have access to great care,to learning new ways of looking at life, to, please God, be able to be lidted, & lift themselves, out of depression, & into a harmonious state, a state of new resiliency. If anyone is interested in working together, I’d be grateful (I’ll say thanks for the many others that can’t yet too!!!)

A Hopeful Newbie posting to find some interested kindred!