To be more alert to surrounding. What brainwave and which apps to use?


Hi. I want to be more alert and realize more of surroundings. Which brainwave is needed for this and are there apps for that purpose? What I mean is such a thing like ADHD treatment via EEG. You know they treat ADHD by EEG. I want to be able to control my brainwaves. In normal EEG devices there are games you control something with brainwaves. Are there possibilities as such in Muse Calm? I will purchase Muse but I have reservations. I will not use it for Meditation.


Beta brainwaves are used for alert and active. When we can control alpha waves, is what is needed to focus. Working the muse app and getting good at calming will help in all areas of mental health. I am trying to understand the MUSE MONITOR app. With all brainwaves showing activity, I am not sure what to look for to indicate that I have entered into alpha.