Trouble connecting to MAC via Bluetooth


Hey - Maybe this has been asked before,i have trouble connecting via Bluetooth to my MAC, I do the usual holding the button for 5 seconds, but my MUSE never comes up in my bluetooth list. Do i need to do anything differently?


I have the exact same problem, did you or anyone else find a solution? I have just recieved the 2016 headband and have not gotten it to work yet with my mac (works on another iPhone)


None - frustrating! Muse needs to do a better job at this, so much damn potential but bad service!


Same problem, need word quickly on how to get this thing paired or it is going to be returned for a full refund and I am moving on to something else. Working on an art activation that will ultimately use a dozen or more headsets… I need to make a choice so please I need a response here.

Same symptoms. Get the device in pairing, never see an entry in either OSX or on my iphoneX.

High Sierra 10.13.6


Best I can tell is that you have to use a subscription to the iphone app muse direct to get the data via OSC from a smart phone. They are using BTLE not traditional pairing. Unless I am told otherwise I assume this is the business model of this company. I am looking at alternatives now as well as using the trial to figure out if this will work for me.

The architecture however is less than ideal. Also the app did not recognize my account so I am stuck in an IT mess already. I will report back what I find out.


Great… now my brand new account is locked after getting the password wrong one too many times. That is going to be fun when that happens in the middle of an activation. Strike two.

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Figured out my account (setup a new one) got the stream going. Has to be direct to IP. There are some IT things to consider here, but I am finally getting data. I have 7 days to decide to pay the $4 monthly fee or $25 annual fee to keep on this route. I will report back.

Again architecturally it is tough to think I have to power my phone and laptop and get them networked properly to do what I want to do here rather than just a bluetooth connection to my laptop.

Hopefully someone from support comes in and tells me I am wrong or if I read something I will report back.