Trouble with python-osc server


Every time I try to run the python-osc program that Muse provides here, Terminal gives me an error “No module named ‘pythonosc.’” I’ve downloaded the latest version of Python (3.6.4) and I’m running this on macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.1.

I also downloaded the latest Python osc from here and moved it into my project folder, but I keep getting the error. Does anybody know how to fix this?

I’m relatively new at developing with the Muse, so I have a pretty basic question. Once I theoretically get this example code to work, will this allow me to connect the Muse to my python program and grab data directly from there, or do I need to run all my sessions through MuseIO and transfer the data in real time through OSC? Any tips having to do with using live Muse data with my python program would be extremely helpful!


MuseIO connects to the device and then forwards data on as an OSC stream, so yes you would need it running all the time that you want to collect data.

I’m not familiar enough with osx to give you a proper correct answer, but I don’t think you can just copy the python-osc folder; I think it’ll work best if you use the pip installer shown on the python-osc main page. This should sort out all the dependencies when it runs.


I tried using the pip command in my project folder, but Terminal keeps giving me the following message:

Requirement already satisfied: python-osc in /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/python_osc-1.6.4-py2.7.egg


I think you have 2 python installs and get confuse by them.
You can find the relevant python exe and do-

pyhon-3.6.exe -m pip install python-osc