Troubleshooting failure to receive signal quality packets


Within implementation of receiveMuseDataPacket, the body of the following if statement is never executed

if (packet.packetType == IXNMuseDataPacketTypeIsGood) {   /*body*/ }

It seems that packets of type IXNMuseDataPacketTypeIsGood are not being received by the data listener.

The IXNMuseDataListener protocol has been correctly implemented, given that packet types IXNMuseDataPacketTypeEeg and IXNMuseDataPacketTypeAlphaAbsolute are being received with no issues.

Is there a more effective way to listen for packet quality?



Hi @matt,

You should register your listener to listen for IXNMuseDataPacketTypeIsGood packet type. In the sample iOS app, there is a connect() method that shows you how to register for the different types of packet. Essentially,

[self.muse registerDataListener:self type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeIsGood];

Hope this helps.