Turn off real-time feedback sounds completely to improve your meditations

Hi all,

This is not an anti-muse post.

Try an experiment where you turn off the feedback sounds completely while meditating with the muse. And check on the results graph after the session. You will most definitely see a big difference.

In any scientific measurement, it is important that the experimental conditions itself should not interfere with the measurement. The live feedback just screws with your result, either positively or negatively. My guess is that for someone who absolutely sucks at meditation and has a loud brain, the muse will help with the live feedback. For someone who has some experience and can reach deep states consistently, the muse will most probably screw with your meditative state.

My initial results of this experiment resulted in my “calm time” going from 8 minutes to 17 minutes in 20 minute long sessions. I’ll need to confirm this by repeating it over the next couple of weeks.

Has anyone else tried this out?