Unable to Connect Muse with External Bluetooth Adapter


As my laptop inbuilt adapter is not able connect to muse headband, I bought an external Bluetooth adapter. Although it is able to read and pair with Muse headband in Bluetooth Devices (of the external adapter), it is not getting connected in Muse Direct App. I believe this is because the Muse Direct app is using the laptop’s inbuilt Bluetooth adapter instead of the external adapter.

How do I change the laptop’s default Bluetooth adapter to external adapter?


Disable the internal adapter (I assume that you are using Windows). Or, if there is an access panel on the bottom of the laptop where the Bluetooth module is installed, remove it.


It is actually big issue.
I tested 2 notebooks and 4 bluetooth adapters.
The result is 1 notebook is working fine. 2 does not see muse.
only 1 bluetooth adapter works.

All of them has Windows 10 OS.