Unable to update/display firmware version


Calm Settings is supposed to show the firmware version but shows blanks on connected Muse using iPhone.
And I need to upload the 6-channel firmware (supposedly released Friday) but only on iOS apps (per support).

I would prefer an android update since that is what I have been working with so far.

Is this an older iPhone issue (running 7.2)?


It should be fine if you’ve done a session. Current app’s behaviour doesn’t refresh headband info without a session been done.


Aha, I’ll try a session on my son’s iPhone tomorrow and report back.


Success. Had to uninstall and then reinstall the muse app (only installed 4 days ago fir first time!). Downloaded new firmware automatically the next connection.


I arranged a iOS device on a tip from tech support, would this be FW7.8.0?

If it is, I have been able to update to this FW version on my android device?
Just confused if 7.8.0 is the latest or if there has been a release after that is only on iOS?

(btw; damn that iOS app looks way better :slight_smile: )