Unable to visulaze any signals using Muse-Lab


I have installed Muse SDKv2.2 on a windows machine. I am able to run the Muse-io and then open the muse-lab.jar and followed the steps as per the tutorial. Though all signals are appearing in the signal options and signal group options window but on clicking the draw button I am unable to visualize any signal. Please help me with to correct the problem. I am curious to see the waves.


Could you attach a screen shot of what it is you’re experiencing when you try to draw signals?

Also, if you have a command prompt window open or a cygwin window open could you open the muse-lab.jar file with the following command: java -jar muse-lab.jar and copy any messages that appear?


I am having the same problem. No visualizations appear. It seems that I am having an OpenGL error.


I solved my problem by updating the video drivers on my laptop.