Understanding CSV values


Hi there,

we want to implement an application for recognizing specific brainwaves patterns so we could detect on what did the person think of. Also, we would like to know the meaning of the values in CSV file generated by “muse-io” application and what signals should we analyze and consider. For example, we got following values:

1437823612.325000, /muse/eeg, 870.194580078, 827.425109863, 809.330322266, 825.780151367
1437823612.325000, /muse/eeg/quantization, 1, 1, 1, 1
1437823612.325000, /muse/eeg, 878.419494629, 827.425109863, 806.040344238, 819.200195312
1437823612.325000, /muse/eeg, 880.064453125, 832.360046387, 802.750427246, 820.845214844
1437823612.325000, /muse/eeg, 884.999450684, 830.715087891, 806.040344238, 820.845214844
1437823612.325000, /muse/elements/alpha_relative, 0.243470221758, 0.171473458409, 0.0405243448913, 0.263924837112
1437823612.325000, /muse/elements/beta_relative, 0.0653371959925, 0.0494472049177, 0.00643738778308, 0.241165101528
1437823612.325000, /muse/elements/delta_relative, 0.435941696167, 0.532512068748, 0.870146811008, 0.197272822261
1437823612.325000, /muse/elements/gamma_relative, 0.0310394130647, 0.016608800739, 0.00631516147405, 0.178704842925
1437823612.325000, /muse/elements/theta_relative, 0.224211469293, 0.229958489537, 0.0765763223171, 0.118932403624

What values are the most important and relevant for our case?

A bigger sample CSV file is attached.



Hi Aradovan,

You can find explanations for these fields here:

Note that the fields for EEG are left ear, left forehead, right forehead and right ear respectively.

As far as recognizing brain states, one of the most common ways to do this is through a classifier. For instance you would have the user focus on creating a state in their mind and for a short period and then a different state for a short period and build a classifier of one or the other state and perhaps neither. And then allow the user to interact through that classifier. This process is not trivial though and will require some DSP and understanding of EEG.

From our SDK we do provide experimental fields for concentration and mellow if you would like to test out those outputs directly.

Hope that helps.