Understanding logic of csv file



I have transformed a muse recording into .csv with museplayer. Having read all the threads on the topic I could find I still don’t see the logic in the way the data is organized in .csv format.

On the following thread, one user (Farough) says: 'However, we are confident it samples at 220Hz quite precisely, with some tolerance for temperature fluctuations in the crystal.'
And: 'We send 16 samples in a single packet so samples may be clumped into sets of 16 in the timestamps. '.

However there is no pattern in my data such that 16 times per timestamp the same data sequence is repeated. For instance data on ‘alpha_absolute’ doesn’t appear until line 44 in the data.

Any help in understanding the logic of the data format is much appreciated.

If it might be a help I can upload my .csv file to some external site


No one with some inputs on this matter?

Would be much appreciated!