Understanding MusePlayer's EEG output in .csv




I currently have MusePlayer saving data to a .csv file. When I look at the file, next to each EEG entry I see four floating point numbers. Now, when I connect the Muse to an app on my phone, I see these four channels (the app doesn’t explain what they are): TP9, AF7, AF8, TP10.

I believe that these four channels correspond to each of the numbers next to the EEG, but I’m not sure. If someone on this forum could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:


EEG values are raw microvolt readings, one for each sensor:

  • TP9 - Left ear
  • AF7 - Left forehead
  • AF8 - Right forehead
  • TP10 - Right ear

Interaxon’s docs on this are here.


Thank you for your response!

Do the four numbers next to the EEG entries on my .csv file correspond to each of the four sensors, and if so are they in the order that you just gave me? I just tried the link that you posted and it appears to be broken. For reference, my .csv file looks like this:


The link is correct, but it looks like their developer site is broken again… it happens quite a lot. Try again in a few hours.

With Interaxon’s CSV format it’s a bit hard to tell what’s what.
It depends on which path you’re looking at as to what the data means. So for /eeg, this is raw eeg from each of the sensors in order.
/acc is the three axis of accelerometer etc…

If you want a nicely formatted CSV, you can use Muse Monitor to record :wink:


I emailed one of the dev’s at Interaxon. The developer site is working again :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile: