UniOSC and Muse-IO not talking


I’m building a Unity app (on the PC and Mac for now) to enable a VR experience with the Muse headset. I have been using UniOSC, a Unity Asset which lets me connect to the Muse’s OSC data via Muse-IO: http://uniosc.monoflow.org/

Since upgrading to the latest versions of Unity (5.3.5), Muse-IO (as of 7/9/2016), and UniOSC (1.7), I am no longer able to see the Muse-IO OSC data in Unity. I know that UniOSC is working (I can receive TouchOSC data, for example), and that Muse-IO is working (I can display Muse eeg data in MuseLab just fine), but nothing seems to work between Muse-IO and UniOSC.

Has anyone seen this issue? Perhaps I need to configure Muse-IO some new way to enable this connection to work.

Tearing my hair out here. Any thoughts appreciated!


Hi @tedbarnett,

I’m not sure about how to solve your problem wiht UniOSC and Unity. Sounds like the upgrade has caused some incompatibility issues. I just want to mention to you that we have released a Unity sample application showing how to integrate libmuse SDK into Unity apps. However, libmuse SDK only supports iOS and Android a the moment but our team is currently working hard to get desktop support for the SDK. If you are planning on supporting mobile devices for your app in the future, then you might consider using the libmuse SDK with Unity to get mobile version of your app working first. When we release support for desktop for our SDK, then you should just be able to update to the new SDK and you would have support for desktop version of your app. It’s just something else to consider rather than using Muse-IO with OSC.