Unity Alpha Relative Packet


Hi Muse Folks,

Can you please clarify for me the content of the output of the Alpha Relative data packet within Unity. I am a little confused via your documentation due to my lack of experience in the EEG field.

The configuration present page indicates the following structure:

[ TP9, AF7, AF8, TP10 ]

Source: http://developer.choosemuse.com/hardware-firmware/headband-configuration-presets

Whilst your Available Data page suggests:

[ TP9, Fp1, Fp2, TP10 ]

Source: http://developer.choosemuse.com/research-tools/available-data

For my project I require AF7 and AF8. Is this what is being received?

Also is there a method of setting the pre-sets via unity as indicated via the first source?

Kind Regards,



The headband electrodes are at a fixed distance, so depending on head size the position will either be AF7/AF8 or closer to FP1/FP1.

See my posts here for more details: Equivocal references in docs – and maybe not