Uploading historical muse data sessions via MuseIO?


Looks pretty straightforward to stream live muse data via MuseIO to MuseLab/Muse Player. But what already recorded sessions.

Say for example I use my muse once a day for week, can I upload my session data via MuseIO to MuseLabs or can I only do it “live”.




Muse-player can be used to replay .muse files that have been recorded earlier.

Use the line below to run muse-player from the command prompt replacing “test.muse” with the path to the .muse file you wish to replay:

muse-player -f test.muse -s osc.udp://

-f specifies the input file
-s indicates that the data should be sent as an OSC stream to UDP port 5001 on the local machine (simliar to muse-io).

If you open UDP port 5001 in Muse Lab, you will see the data.


Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate it. My question isn’t so much about replaying .muse flies that have been recorded earlier but can you record your muse meditation only on your phone/app and then later upload it vial museIO?

Said another way, how do I get access to previous muse data on my app on my phone so I can upload to the muse developer software to visualize/analyze?




Hi Bob,

Unfortunately, that is not possible at this time.


Thanks. Bummer.