URGENT: Muse 2016 to Mac OS connection


I’ve been working on Muse for over a year now, but the new Muse 2016 doesn’t connect to my Mac.

I usually pull data to my mac via bluetooth connection + help of muse IO, and pull OSC values using Processing sketch.

Now, I have a few days to prepare a performance with it, and this new Muse is not even connecting. please help!

  1. This muse doesn’t have the 3 LED modes (it only has the scrolling LED which turns into 1 dim light after pressing for 15 seconds.
    I do get a stable LED when connected to the mobile app on Android but i need to connect to my Mac, not the mobile app.)

  2. It seems that the hold-the-button-for-5seconds method to the pair, is missing all together.

  3. I seem to be able to pair with just the bluetooth preference pannel, and the LED becomes stable but THEN every time I turn on Muse IO to connect, the headset gets disconnected.

Thank you for your attention!


The Muse 2016 headband uses Bluetooth Low Energy which does not require the headband to be paired before using it. As a result, there is no pairing mode on Muse 2016 headbands. To connect it to a mobile device all you need to do is open the application and turn the headband on.

Unfortunately, Muse IO does not support Muse 2016 headbands at this time so you can not connect a Muse 2016 headband directly with a Mac at the moment.

However, there are applications available for Android (and iOS) that will connect to the Muse 2016 headband and send the data from the phone to a computer as an OSC stream. Muse Monitor is one such application.

Hope this helps.


gaaaaaaaa! Thank you for the quick response but this is tough news for folks like us. - I hope this is clarified on the website so others won’t face this problem T^T

I purchase the Muse Monitor as well, but am having a hard time finding a webpage that will show how to actually send & receive the data via osc.

Could you point me in the right direction?

Thank you!


If you tap the help button in Muse Monitor, I’ve put in all the instructions to get you connected. Basically, just go into settings and put the IP address of you computer running MuseLab, then hit the stream button!

You may find this MuseLab config helpful [muselab_configuration.json (right click “Save As”)]. If you open this config, it’ll set up all the basics for you. The only thing not in this config are the marker configurations for blink and jaw_clench as they tend to fill the screen quite quickly. If you want to enable them just add the paths “/muse/elements/blink” and “/muse/elements/jaw_clench” to the Markers section.

If you want to setup MuseLab manually, then start listening on port 5000 UDP, then start adding visualizer components.


Thank you for the detailed info.

I tried those out but since I’m not so familiar with MuseLab, I used the OSCp5 library and now it works again with little modification.

Phewwwwww what a big scare for a few hours there.


When should we expect Muse 2016 models and MuseIO to work with Macs?


Hey Enigma644,

I’ve purchased Muse Monitor and it seems to be working with my iphone 6+,(v 9.3.2). I am having problems seeing UPD data output.
I have turned on Wifi and bluetooth on the iphone and my Mac. (2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 10.10.5) but they are not paired.
I have downloaded the muselab_configuration.json file you linked above and In MuseLab i have loaded that file in the MuseLab/configuration dropdown.
When i type in port 5000 and hit refresh…nothing happens (aside from “5000” disappearing form the port field).
Any ideas?


In Muse Monitor you need to set the IP of your computer running Muse Lab, then tap the streaming icon.
On your desktop, just load the muse lab config and that should already set it up to listen on port UDP 5000.
If it’s not working, try disabling your firewall and making sure both your phone and computer are on the same network.
Note that by default Muse Lab is set to TCP, so if you want to manually set it up, first select UDP, then add port 5000.


Thank you, my issue was setting the IP address within Muse Monitor to my laptops IP address. Any suggestions on how to get the signal straight into MaxMSP without passing through MuseLab first?


I’d never heard of MaxMSP until now, sorry. It does look like it supports OSC, so I’m sure you can find some info with a bit of Googling.


wtf guys?

I bought Muse only for development and here we are – 2016 doesn’t supported by the driver. Gosh, why is that?

Seriously disappointed.


Yea ! the emperor has no clothes the fact that muse- io does not work in windows did not seem to be a problem but possibly the idea of using a $9 android app to connect from a mac might get traction



I just bought one Muse band. I’m unable to connect either in Linux or Windows. Very disappointing. Will return my headband.


Can we connect Muse 2016 headband to MuseLab on a MacBook Pro yet without purchasing any extra software? I would like separate live readings from the headband to be fed into my computer. Looks like this has been a problem for a while. Is it fixed yet?


I just bought a Muse headband 2016 (ordered on October 25th 2016) and SURPRISE! It’s not possible to pair it to a Mac for developers. Even though most articles online say it’s possible… ha wait… that’s only with the OLD version. But that’s never mentioned anywhere. BAD surprise! Will return the headband. The Muse team hasn’t even bothered answering the last person who asked when it is going to be possible.


I returned my headband. I will buy the OpenBCI Ganglion for cheaper than this.


Hi Lisa,
Could you explain me precisely how did you succeed to connect your muse 2016 to your MAC?
Thanks a lot for your help,


Hi Frederic,

I am currently having the same issue with connecting the Muse headset with my Mac. I was wondering if you had found a solution to connect it to a Mac without downloading Muse Monitor, or if you have to download the Muse Monitor.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lisa,

I am currently having the same issue with connecting the Muse headset with my Mac. I was wondering if you had found a solution to connect it to a Mac without downloading Muse Monitor, or if Muse Monitor was the solution to get data from the headset. If Muse Monitor was the solution, is there anything you could possibly send me to help figure out how to stream the data to a Mac?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lena,
Unfortunately, my solution has been to return my 2016 Headband and Ask for a 2014… I guess they will developp a decent SDK for MAC Soon. but I dont know when. Sorry to tell you that :confused: It took about 2 weeks to have the 2014.