URGENT: Muse 2016 to Mac OS connection


hi there. any details on your workaround?


Hi everyone,
sorry for the delayed response…

I had to download the Muse monitor and connected via OSC connection to a Processing sketch.
I was already coding my work through Processing (https://processing.org), which happen to have an external library called OSCp5 (http://www.sojamo.de/libraries/oscp5/) which was used to receive the the values. So muse >> mobile >> mac - was my quick and dirty work around (unfortunately the mobile phone has to be a conduit for data in this case)

You can check out the example on how to send and receive data via oscP5 http://www.sojamo.de/libraries/oscp5/examples/oscP5sendReceive/oscP5sendReceive.pde

It basically requires you to connect the mobile to your mac via a net address, i.e. your mac’s IP address and port number of choice, and ensure the same values are set up in the Muse monitor.

Hope this helps!


Hey everyone,

My friend Uri and I put together a demo for using the Muse 2016 with Web Bluetooth during ng-cruise!

To run the demo:

Uri also released an npm package for using Muse as a client. You can find it here:




I am using Max/MSP, it works well with Muse Monitor through OSC. There is an OSC-receive object in Max/MSP called “udpreceive”, you have to use set the object to the port Muse Monitor is transmitting.


Hi Alex,

Could you explain with more details what is the “web bluetooth” and what is the purpose of your python code ?

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Hi Walid,





Awesome, I am also a node developer, would love to collab with you guys!


Any update on SDK tools for OSX or muse-io for MAC OS?


Is there estimate on when it will be available?


Awesome! thanks for your job, now I can create app for myself.


great job!