URGENT: OSC 64bit floats



Hi again :slight_smile:

This time, I’m trying to send the data from one Muse 2016 headset only to PureData and it seems to send 64-bit floats (double ?) whereas the PD function I’m using to get the OSC messages (unpackOSC) only handles single floats. The Muse 2014 headbands are working perfectly, so I assume this is the case for them (that they send 32-bit floats), but the Muse 2016 gets me this error message in PD :

unpackOSC: PrintTypeTaggedArgs: [A 64-bit float] not implemented

Is there a way for me to send OSC data in single instead of double ?

Thanks a lot !


Hi Yann,

I have a 2016 Muse headset and made a OSC-receiver for the data stream coming from MuseMonitor which is 32-float (,ffff). After installing MuseDirect to my surprize they send 64-float (,dddd). After some puzzling I got the OSC conversion working.
If you want to use the OSC-receiver, it is part of the Muse-EEG-View App.
It also contains the possibility to send the (converted) data from MuseDirect to another Port.
If you are interested, the download is on www.mindresearch.xyz