Use Muse for Autism, ADHD, lower axiety?


Hello, anybody has any experince using Muse to help lower axiety of Autistic person ? I have a 19 years old son and his main problem seems to be controling axiety. It’s been very digicult to sometime get this under control. I don’t like using drugs, he went through number of prescribed “medications” =drugs and I did not like it at all, with questinable or bad results. Meditition would be defintly helpfull and it seems to that this device may be helpful. I think this device has a great potential. Huge market if somebody comes up with app specifically related to this problem. Parents like me are desperate for any kind of help after years of searching to find anything that would work. I would appreciate feedback related to this. Thx Cheers Martin


Mindfulness meditation has been shown by researchers and practitioners to be very effective in helping people with anxiety disorders. I can’t speak to the topic of Autism because I know very little about it, but I do know that when practiced 45 minutes a day 6-7 days per week it can have dramatic effects on anxiety levels while also helping with stress, depression, concentration, and many other things. I have suffered with anxiety for much of my life and I have found that meditation, dietary changes, exercise, talk therapy, and yoga have been some of the most effective ways to help me live more peacefully in the midst of anxiety.


I have ADHD and ASD. I went through 5 years of neurofeedback for ADHD, including both focus and Alpha-Theta training. I’ve been meditating without the muse for nearly 8 years and found some improvement. 6 months ago i started using the Muse and i have found even more improvement with regard to calm focus. The Muse provided these improvements in a more gentle but sufficiently persistent manner once i got past 20 minute meditation sessions.

Specifically with regard to ASD, the Muse has helped me overcome my anxiety levels to the point where i’m surprised because i hadn’t realized until now just how anxious i was. More importantly i see this as a positive improvement to my life in that my ASD “gifts” remain and i’ve improved my ability to socialize significantly over the past six months thanks to the Muse. But, this does take persistence. I meditate every day - its a lot like physical exercise in that if you stop doing it, you don’t get any benefits and you may go backwards over time.

I’m now up to an hour of meditating with the Muse, however, i’ve found that i’ve had to break that into 4 sessions of 15 minutes each with a break of 20-30 minutes between the first 30 minutes of meditation and the last. If i don’t break it apart i am so tired during the last two 15 minute sessions that it’s a waste of time. I think the break is required because i’m not on a Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor so my brain needs time to “recharge” my Dopamine levels. So during the break i do something other than meditation, like reading a book, exercise, etc. I am very surprised and very happy with the results i’ve gotten with the Muse and so are the friends who stuck it out with me.


I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and bought the Muse to see if it could help me meditate and take my mind off my worries.

The bio feedback is helpful as I don’t really know what my mind is doing, but I feel something is happening when the sea sounds or brainwaves (using Muse Monitor) change according to whether I am relaxing or not.

I’m still not sure if I am actually affecting the results with my mind or my face muscles.

But when I play Alpha wave inducing binaural music, my Alpha waves go up and my Gamma goes right down.

I want to see if my Gamma goes up when I play Gamma inducing Binaural sounds. But haven’t found a good gamma sound app yet.

I’m not sure if the Muse can help people with Autism with their communication difficulties but it might help with anxiety.