Using Binaural beats


I have the 2016 Muse version. I bought it to experiment with it but I discovered that the software is very inaccurate. One session I blinked my eyes, moved my arms and legs and thought of high adrenaline sports for the whole session, then I got about 16 birds, an award for stillness and over 50% calm. When I fall asleep during some of the late sessions, the software is recording high activity but I know that my Rem sleep kicks in in just minutes.
Is this software monitoring the eyes movement then convert it into high activity response? If the brain is active, usually the eyes are moving into their orbit even while dreaming. Is the electrical noise from the eyes movement that causes the software to record high activity?
Or is the software processing the signals from the sensors, filter these signals based on their frequencies and then recognise the individual brainwaves based on their frequency? If that is the case, then I am tempted to believe that somehow I could extract the Alpha waves out of the system and modulate them with another audio signal so I can hear my own Alpha waves. The purpose of this is:
I want to use Binaural Beats and monitor various brainwaves output and how they change. Then if this works, then I want to create my own binaural waves that would lead to calm maybe faster or easier for some people.

Anyone experimented this way?


Yes, me too.
i was playing with my baby and it shown after 15 minutes 70% calm :open_mouth:


I replaced my Muse with the black version. This one shown 90% and 27birds calm when I was sitting in a not very comfortable position, need to figure what this headband is actually measuring. But this one behaves differently for sure. Now I wonder, which one was faulty??


Thanks for sharing such important information.Great work.:relaxed: