Using multiple Muse on same computer (Windows)


I want to use [B]2[/B] Muse devices on the same computer (Windows). Unfortunately, I can’t get muse-io.exe running with the --device [I]<MAC-address>[/I] option (not even for a [I]single[/I] device!). I tried several formattings (XX:XX:XX:XX, XXXXXXXX, …) without success. Command line always tells me “No paired devices exist with matching name or MAC!”, while the muse-io server works properly with “–device [I]Muse[/I]” option.

I found a page ( ) describing a manual for Ubuntu, so does it only work in Linux? I also read about special CSR Bluetooth-Dongles. We use a standard BT 4.0 USB-Dongle.

The Muse device is fully charged and I have MuseSDK 3.4.1 installed.

Thx for your help!