Using multiple Muse on same computer (Windows)



already posted this question in developers forum 4 days ago but haven’t received an answer yet, perhaps here:

I want to use 2 Muse devices on the same computer (Windows). Unfortunately, I can’t get muse-io.exe running with the --device <MAC-address> option (not even for a single device!). I tried several formattings (XX:XX:XX:XX, XXXXXXXX, …) without success. Command line always tells me “No paired devices exist with matching name or MAC!”, while the muse-io server works properly with “–device Muse” option.

I found a page ( ) describing a manual for Ubuntu, so does it only work in Linux? I also read about special CSR Bluetooth-Dongles. We use a standard BT 4.0 USB-Dongle.

Muse device is fully charged and I have MuseSDK 3.4.1 installed.

Thx for your help!


Hey drv,

If you have the latest firmware (7.8.0 as of this posting, available exclusively through our iOS app) you should be able to use the --device flag, as each Muse will have a unique device name (e.g. Muse-1234, the four digits being the same as the last four digits of the serial number printed on the inside of the left ear pod).

What firmware version do you currently have on your devices? You can check by pairing with an iOS device and running the Muse iOS app. If your firmware is out of date, the app will prompt you to update when you try to start a session.


Hey tom,

thanks for your reply. What should I say, it worked! : ) You said there’s no way around updating the firmware via an iOS device?