Using Muse 2016 in Windows



I want to get data from the new Muse 2016 into a Windows app. The only way it seems possible right now is through the Android app Muse Monitor and OSC to the PC. This is not really a stable solution for my purpose and its not all the sensor data that gets sent via OSC (i’m especially missing the concentration level).

Is there some specification for the bluetooth services or a beta of the Muse IO for Windows i can try out?



Hi Sune, concentration got deprecated from the SDK in libmuse 5.4.0, so unfortunately that is why Muse Monitor no longer outputs it:

[h=2]April 12, 2016: LibMuse 5.4.0 API 3 Android and IOS[/h] [h=3]Breaking API changes in this release:[/h]

  • MELLOW and CONCENTRATION date packet types have been removed. There is no replacement for these data types.

Which other sensor data are you after? I was considering adding the accelerometer data into Muse Monitor as a few people have asked for it.


Hi Enigma

Thanks for the quick response.

I really just need an indication of concentration or focus. I know that it is mostly depending on the gamma band, but i have tried some exercises with some other people using the headband, and i cannot see much difference in the absolute gamma band. Ideally, people should have a sense of controlling this. It’s nothing scientific - mostly for entertainment. It’s alot like those “brain games” you see in toy stores. Do you have any recommendations to what i should look for?

Furthermore, i would love to circumvent the Android app and use the SDK on Windows - but that does not seem to happen anytime soon. For now i’m looking into getting the data via Bluetooth in a Windows Universal App…


If you want to roll your own, you should look at MuseSharp which was written by Hasmeer.
I’ve not used it personally, but I believe it only processes raw data. You’d have to do your own ffts to get gamma.

As for what to look for, I don’t think I’ve qualified enough to comment! It looks like there is a peak in Alpha around 10Hz when you are relaxed with your eyes shut, but I’m not sure about indicators in Gamma.



Is there any possibility to add multiple Muse to one app and send the data?

Or else i think my solution is to run it through 4 android devices and send the data to a central windows pc, but that seems a bit overkill…

MuseSharp seems outdated and it seems that it is a completely different way to communicate with the Muse 2016 (even apart from the upgrade to Bluetooth LE).


And more importantly; can i get it to start streaming via OSC when i open the app?


Muse Monitor will only connect to one device at a time. I have tried with multiple devices at once and it is possible, but it overloads most phone processors. I would use a different device for each muse connection. This also means you can stream to different ports on the receiving machine and differentiate between signals.