Using Muse for SMR enhancement


Hello all,

I am interested to use Muse for enhancing SMR or else low Beta (instead of Alpha Waves). Do you know if there is any way to do that and receive feedback (i.e. the birds) for SMR instead of Alpha Waves?

Thank you for your input,

Manos from UK


Hi, for SMR tracking you need to have an electrode on CZ location at the top of the head. So, this cannot work with a usual Muse headband. Myndlift offers such an add on but I don’t know whether they offer specific SMR training. Best Jan


Dear Jan,

Thank you for this information, really appreciated. I have already contacted them for a presentation but may I ask if Myndlift have the software to track SMR on Cz?

Kind regards,



Manos, actually I don’t know but since they have the Cz location I guess so. I also have a demo scheduled next week. Best Jan