Using Muse headband to make applications


I bought a Muse 2016 headband. I primarily want to use this to get raw EEG data and use it for art/hacking projects.
Is this completely impossible without MuseIO support, or has anyone found ways to hack around it.

Now assuming that is possible, I have a question about how I would go about making a certain application.

I want to start with something, where you can map a mental state to a binary operation.
For example. what Netflix did with Mental State A plays video, Mental State B pauses video.

Could someone point me to good resources on how I would go about defining these distinct mental states. Then how I would interpret my data to match those states.


Unfortunately, MuseIO does not yet work with Muse2016, the only available solution now is to read the signals through a mobile application and then save and send them to your application
Here is an application that does this:

I also work a command application via muse, first we must to choose a BCI paradigm (visual / audio P300, motor / no motor imagery, …) it depends on the interface and the commands that you want to realize , Then we have to work the step of feature extraction, feature selection and classification part, for translate the signals to commands.