Using Muse headband with TM. does this graph look like it might make sense for TM?


I’ve been really enjoying using the music on app and seeing good results with remaining calm when I’m doing mindfulness for this type of meditation but I’ve also tried using it this morning with transcendental meditation which I do for 20 minutes twice a day
in the graph for the transcendental meditation it looks like my experience started as calm but then move to highly active
this looks similar to graphs from other transcendental meditation sessions that I have seen from other people
If you’re familiar with TM, is the graph that is shown below the sort of thing that you can expect to see you when using the muse headband with transcendental meditation?
When I do traditional mindfulness and focus on my breath, I usually get high calm scores (attached)
But on TM I start as calm as I’m entering deep TM but it usually rises as I get deeper. When I feel like I’ve had a good session for TM I am seeing the sharp rise from calm to active over the 20 minutes
Has anyone tried TM with MUSE app?
Any opinions?


While I can’t see the graph (no picture or attachment), your description of the graph matches my experience when doing TM vs. mindfulness. With TM, the session starts calm, then when I begin the mantra, the session shifts to rather wild oscillations, primarily within the “active” region. I believe that TM is meant to bring about “alpha-1” brainwaves, and I’m not sure how Muse interprets these.

An interesting product development idea would be to have a TM setting (or setting for other types of meditation) to help record progress.

For now, I am seeing this profile as mentioned above as “success” while doing TM, and I do appreciate having the Muse headset record the data and track my progress as I meditate. I’m just less focused on the calm vs. active metrics.